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At Lightning Ridge in outback NSW, we're going to construct an extraordinary building filled with glittering treasures from the earth. At the Australian Opal Centre you will marvel at precious opal gemstones in every colour of the rainbow and the world's greatest public collection of fossils made of opal - rare and valuable relics from the Age of Dinosaurs. And you'll share in the stories of resilience, ingenuity, mateship and humour for which people of the opal fields are famous.

All of this, in a groundbreaking, sustainable building that is the long-awaited masterwork of renowned Australian architects Glenn Murcutt and Wendy Lewin.

This remarkable community project is managed by Lightning Ridge Opal and Fossil Centre Incorporated, a not-for-profit group with supporters across Australia and in eight other countries. The people of the opal fields have so far donated items worth more than $2.4 million to our national collection, over $850,000 in cash and countlesss hours of work. With support from local, state and Australian governments they have developed a magnificent national collection and acquired a beautiful and historic site on the famous Three Mile opal field.

The Australian Opal Centre is a gift to the world from the people of the Australian opal fields. Now, we need your help to achieve our magnificent building. You can build a 21st century architectural icon and set a world record for the biggest crowdfunded project ever.

$28.5 million is required to construct the Australian Opal Centre. All we need is a million people to give $30 each, or 300,000 people to give $100 each. We can do it!

Give what you can, and we'll create a priceless treasure for you, your family, friends and generations to come. And we will record your name in a magnificent book dedicated to the people who brought the Australian Opal Centre into being. This book will be displayed at the Centre and you will be invited to come and sign it beside your name.

The Australian Opal Centre will be a global focus for research and promotion of Australia's National Gemstone, an international tourism asset, world class architectural icon and a dynamic stimulus to economic and cultural development in Australia's opal producing states of NSW, Queensland and South Australia – and beyond.

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Donate $30 or more and

 we'll send you a 

 Dinosaur Clay Medallion,

hand made exclusively

for donors to the 

Australian Opal Centre

Building Fund

using clay from the

Lightning Ridge

opal mines.


Each medallion has a year date

and has a unique serial number.


An AOC dino clay medallion

is a badge of honour - 


AND every medallion

gives you chance to WIN 

in AOC prize draws! 


Start collecting them now.

Start collecting them now!

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Want to know more about the Australian Opal Centre? Visit http://www.australianopalcentre.com

Recent Donations

  • Sandra Amoore October is my birthday thus opals are my stone. Just love the colours. Hope the fundraising goes well. $100.00 2/03/2014
  • Kelly Gould $30.00 1/03/2014
  • Heather Beames $30.00 25/02/2014

Top Donations

  • Sue and David Reardon and Family Time to change up a gear - let's get going... $2,000.00
  • Lomax Opals I wish the Australian Opal Centre every success. $1,000.00
  • Paul and Pauline de Lepervanche The Australian Opal Centre will be a wonderful thing - as good as or better than the Stockman's Hall of Fame or the Somerville Collection. Why aren't Gina Reinhardt, Andrew Forrest, Nathan Tinkler and Clive Palmer getting behind it!?! $1,000.00


Supporters Amount Message
Sandra Amoore $100.00 October is my birthday thus opals are my stone. Just love the colours. Hope the fundraising goes well.
Kelly Gould $30.00
Heather Beames $30.00
Sebastian & Hanna Deisenberger $100.00 Good Luck with the Opal center
Daniela L'Abbate $50.00
Down to Earth Opals $775.00 We have a super cool team working on this project, GO, check it out! DON'T WAIT PEOPLE! DO IT NOW! CLICK DONATE NOW! Love your work Australian Opal Centre!
Lisa Carroll $100.00 WOW, just saw the sight today - exciting! GO have a look!!
Sue and David Reardon and Family $2,000.00 Time to change up a gear - let's get going...
Ian Kearns $300.00 Mineko and Ian wish the team at the Australian Opal Centre all the success that they deserve for putting together this fantastic project.
Maury Swanson $30.00 Something fantastic is going on at the Ridge.
Laila and Connor Swanson $30.00 We're 7 year old twins who love opal fossils.
Mary-Anne Binnie $30.00
Andrew Thomas $50.00 Lightning Ridge is a wonderful place with a wonderful history based around wonderful things dug out of the ground!
Opals Australia $1,000.00 Opal is one of the most beautiful gemstones the world has seen. Its exuberance and vibrancy touches everyone privileged to experience its true beauty. Opals Australia, a leader in opals and the promotion of opal jewellery worldwide, proudly supports the Australian Opal Centre as it promotes opal in Australia and across the world.
Les Angell $10.00 A donation from Australian Opal Centre member Les Angell.
Kristine Peters $50.00 Good luck with the cause Jenny, let's get the Opal Centre on the Australian map!
Anonymous $30.00
Barbara Gasch and Doug Brook $1,000.00 Barbara Gasch and Doug Brook from White Cliffs are supporting the Australian Opal Centre - it is time to save and display the many wonderful and unique opalized specimen that are found in different Australian Opal fields...remember - OPAL is our NATIONAL GEMSTONE -
Lightning Ridge District Bowling Club $1,000.00 Lightning Ridge Bowling Club proudly supports the Australian Opal Centre andthe many other organisations that make this community great.
Les Craik $55.00 From Les of Wallsend.
Stephanie Chinneck $15.00 From Stephanie of Mona Vale, NSW.
Holly North $35.00 From Holly at Byron Bay.
Di Mackey $35.00 From Di at Byron Bay.
Rob Regan $55.00 From Rob of Eleebana.
Margaret and Ron Mansfield $100.00 Good luck - you're doing a great job.
Ann Brown $10.00 From Ann Brown, Opal FM - Rockin' the Ridges!
André Stucki $20.00 Opalised fossil are wonderful!
Daryl Williams $20.00 From Daryl of Boronia, Victoria.
Rhiannon Noltorp $5.00 Another donation from Rhiannon!
Pat and Ray Hafey $30.00 Our $30 to help build the Australian Opal Centre.
Karen Blackburn $15.00 With best wishes from Karen and Ken.
Mervyn Parkhill $15.00 All the best in your fundraising for the Opal Centre building. I hope to return some day for a visit to look around some old haunts.
Harold Fauske $5.00 From a regular visitor and former resident of Lightning Ridge.
Brian Crisp $100.00 From Australian Opal Centre member Brian Crisp.
Jenny & Brian Milton $20.00 Visitors to the AOC's Morilla St exhibition - looking forward to coming back with the grandkids.
Roger Black $10.00 Three cheers for a worthwhile cause!
Josef & Julia Schellnegger $100.00 Best wishes from Joe and Julia Schellnegger.
Betty Lecudennec $5.00 From Betty of Lightning Ridge.
Vivianne & Frank Palmer $100.00 Glad it's on the move - well done!
Anonymous $100.00 A much appreciated donation from an anomymous donor.
Lisa Bohach $100.00
Daniela L'Abbate $30.00 ..and another drop :)
Arthur Singe $150.00
Patrice Rey $100.00 Our National Gemstone deserves to have an Australian Opal Centre. Best of luck. Patrice
Mike Wright $30.00
Shirley Pope $20.00 From Shirley Pope, Grawin, a great supporter of the Australian Opal Centre.
Paul Young $10.00 Please support the Australian Opal Centre for ALL it offers!
Jim and Sue de Silva $50.00 A worthwhile cause for any Australian to support.
Anne Simpson $30.00 From Ann Simpson, Tara Station, Goodooga
Lightning Ridge Miners' Association $1,000.00 The benefits of this world class centre to opal miners and the opal industry will be inestimable.
Dénes Berta $100.00 Vicki, good luck with the fundraising - Denes
Ruth MacDougall $5.00 A donation from new Australian Opal Centre member Ruth MacDougall
Paul and Pauline de Lepervanche $1,000.00 The Australian Opal Centre will be a wonderful thing - as good as or better than the Stockman's Hall of Fame or the Somerville Collection. Why aren't Gina Reinhardt, Andrew Forrest, Nathan Tinkler and Clive Palmer getting behind it!?!
Lomax Opals $1,000.00 I wish the Australian Opal Centre every success.
Anonymous $20.00 From Lightning Ridge's ladies of the night - specifically the night of Thursday 30 August 2012, at Bruno's!
Lightning Ridge Opal Mines $300.00 Can't wait to walk through the doors on day one! Good Luck!
Adam Hyland $250.00 Hey Jenni B - this is a great project for those who love science, or architecture, or opals. Hope this helps!
Down to Earth Opals $1,000.00 This is it Australia! The Australian Opal Centre is for you, dig deep, you can.
Black Opal Tours $255.00 The Crown Jewels of Australia will be celebrated forever at the Australian Opal Centre, BRING IT AUSTRALIA!
Elizabeth Smith $20.00 Great to see the money mounting up. Keep it going for Australia and the world!
Barriekneal Housing & Community Ltd $500.00 Barriekneal are in full support of this wonderful initiative and wish the project every success.
Geoff Elliot $30.00 Having spent 20 years hobby mining at my claims at Potch Point I'm very happy to donate $30.00 to the Building Fund.
Australian Opal Centre $214.00 From the donation jar in the Australian Opal Centre's Morilla Street exhibition space. Thank you to all our donors!
George Proszowiel $5.00 From new Australian Opal Centre member George Proszowiel during his July 2012 visit to Lightning Ridge.
John Poirrier $5.00 From new Australian Opal Centre member John Poirrier, visiting Lightning Ridge in July 2012.
Belinda Buckley $250.00 A donation from Belinda Buckley, People's Choice winner at the Lightning Ridge Opal Queen Ball 2012! Belinda donated half her prize money to the Australian Opal Centre and half to Lightning Ridge Preschool. Congratulations and thank you, Belinda!
Alan FOSTER $30.00 We wish The Opal Centre every success with this appeal. Alan & Margaret Foster
Margaret Ferguson $50.00 Best wishes for a successful fundraising for such a necessary tourist attraction in Lightning Ridge
Crocodile Caravan Park $100.00 The work you guys are doing for the Opal industry is incredible.We look forward to all the hard work that has been put into this project being successful for all those concerned, you deserve it.
Leigh Black $100.00 Raised $500 walking for 3 great days but the effort of a few dedicated people for this amazing project is worth more than that!
Chambers of the Black Hand $1,000.00 A brilliant value add to Lightning Ridge - Lightning Ridge's future is tourism. Opal needs to be put up on a pedestal where it deserves to be.
Hampton Fine Jewellery and Design $30.00 I'm incredibly proud of our country and the opals we have available to us, an opal started my career in jewellery and inspired my heart to create. This is the least I can do. Goodluck in reaching the target!
David Webb $5.00
Kathy O'Brien $15.00
Mine Resilience (Australia) Pty Ltd $100.00
David Sanders $100.00 Keep up the good work.
Peter Carroll Opal $223.00 Great project - lets start on our next $10,000 NOW
Seda Opals $500.00 I support the Australian Opal Centre.
Athol and Gwen Jenkins $60.00
Sue Reardon $20.00 Wonderful project!
Sandra Amoore $100.00
Russell Gawthorpe $50.00 Let's make this happen.
Owen and Sandra Wilson $30.00 Good luck. Will keep supporting.
Matthew D. Steen $50.00 Good luck!
Jack Ogden $25.00
Vincent Pardieu $5.00
Stojan Vasiljevski $20.00
Jennie Hapgood $30.00 Good luck raising the money - we look forward to seeing the centre.
Zitas Video $293.00 8888 is a great total - lets keep it going!
Schulz Neil and Noreen $30.00 Another much needed history of our land.
Shoeffel David $200.00 Keep up this invaluable work.
Bateman's Bay Lapidary Club Ltd $30.00 Hope we can help all enjoy the experience of the Centre.
John Butcher $50.00 How else can I help can the Centre going sooner?
Katharina Zimmer $100.00
T.F. Lapidary $50.00 All the best!
Nick Drengenberg $30.00
Down to Earth Opals $250.00 BRING IT, AUSTRALIA!!!
Matthew Goodwin $100.00 An excellent project to preserve & showcase Australia's treasures!!
Cottey Cottage Cat $50.00 A black cat WILL bring luck - I've got my focus on this project!
Robyn Ferguson $5.00