What is our fundraising target? How much is needed to build the Australian Opal Centre?


How much do we need to raise?

We need $28.5 million to build the Australian Opal Centre building, but work can begin as soon as we reach our first fundraising milestone.


The first milestone

Our first fundraising target is $100,000 and we hope to achieve this in 2012.


Add to that $107,040 received for Arts Capital Project Funding from the NSW Government, and cash and labour committed by our wonderful supporters in Lightning Ridge, and we’ll be ready to start bulk earthworks for the Australian Opal Centre building. This will involve marking out the building site, erecting a safety fence around the site, and digging a BIG HOLE for the building.


When can we start work?

Site preparation will begin before the end of 2012. Help us reach our next goal, and we’ll start building!


Then what happens?

While sitework is underway, we will move straight on to raising funds for the next phase.


The next fundraising target will be $2 million. With that $2 million, we hope to leverage $2.4 million from the Australian Government’s Regional Development Australia Fund.


We’ll keep you updated on progress with fundraising and construction, and post photographs on our web site as the building takes shape. You will be able to watch the Australian Opal Centre come into being.


What to do

After making your donation, the most important thing to do is encourage everyone you know to get involved – family members, colleagues, friends, customers, clients – even perfect strangers if you want to bring something new and exciting into their lives!


Small donations from many people will get us there!

Remember, a million people giving $30 each will build the Australian Opal Centre AND set a world record for crowdfunding. And the more we all give, the stronger the incentive for government to give more too. If you can't manage $30 - that's fine! - just give what you can. Every little bit brings us a step closer to achieving our goal.


With your help, and with more than 22 million people in Australia alone, we can do it.


Make your donation, leave your message of support, spread the word and write yourself into the history books as one of the people who built the Australian Opal Centre!