It is through people like you that we are making such a big difference. Here is a list of our top campaign donors. 


Are you on this list? THANK YOU.


Challenge your colleagues, friends and family to join you in the Australian Opal Centre's Donor Hall of Fame. 


$28.5 million is required to construct the Australian Opal Centre. All we need is for a million people to give $30 each, or 300,000 people to give $100 each.


We can do it!

Top Donations

  • Sue and David Reardon and Family Time to change up a gear - let's get going... $2,000.00
  • The Gem Garden $1,060.00
  • Opals Australia Opal is one of the most beautiful gemstones the world has seen. Its exuberance and vibrancy touches everyone privileged to experience its true beauty. Opals Australia, a leader in opals and the promotion of opal jewellery worldwide, proudly supports the Australian Opal Centre as it promotes opal in Australia and across the world. $1,000.00
  • Barbara Gasch and Doug Brook Barbara Gasch and Doug Brook from White Cliffs are supporting the Australian Opal Centre - it is time to save and display the many wonderful and unique opalized specimen that are found in different Australian Opal fields...remember - OPAL is our NATIONAL GEMSTONE - $1,000.00
  • Lightning Ridge District Bowling Club Lightning Ridge Bowling Club proudly supports the Australian Opal Centre andthe many other organisations that make this community great. $1,000.00
  • Lightning Ridge Miners' Association The benefits of this world class centre to opal miners and the opal industry will be inestimable. $1,000.00
  • Paul and Pauline de Lepervanche The Australian Opal Centre will be a wonderful thing - as good as or better than the Stockman's Hall of Fame or the Somerville Collection. Why aren't Gina Reinhardt, Andrew Forrest, Nathan Tinkler and Clive Palmer getting behind it!?! $1,000.00
  • Lomax Opals I wish the Australian Opal Centre every success. $1,000.00
  • Down to Earth Opals This is it Australia! The Australian Opal Centre is for you, dig deep, you can. $1,000.00
  • Chambers of the Black Hand A brilliant value add to Lightning Ridge - Lightning Ridge's future is tourism. Opal needs to be put up on a pedestal where it deserves to be. $1,000.00
  • Down to Earth Opals We have a super cool team working on this project, GO, check it out! DON'T WAIT PEOPLE! DO IT NOW! CLICK DONATE NOW! Love your work Australian Opal Centre! $775.00
  • OPALINA PTY LTD Wish AOC a very bright and successful future !! --Opalina Pty Ltd $654.00
  • Manning Opal Company, Incorporated Manning Opal started in Australia in 1938. My dad, George T Manning arrived from Hungary, thanks to the good graces if the Australian immigration authorities. He began what was to be the most important opal cutting, marketing and trading company in the USA, from 1940 onward. I'm Gerry Manning. I grew up in the business and remain active today. Many of you, old-timers only by now, will remember my father and me. I hope so. It is wonderful that the younger opal community is carrying the opal torch well into the future. So, for my Dad (passed in 1977), for me, for my brother John (now passed) and for the wonderful life that gem opal has provided our family...a small contribution to the future. Many thanks for your hard work. $530.00
  • Pamela McGilvary $500.00
  • Barriekneal Housing & Community Ltd Barriekneal are in full support of this wonderful initiative and wish the project every success. $500.00
  • Seda Opals I support the Australian Opal Centre. $500.00
  • Doug Brook The clock is ticking!Dig in Australia and the world! support this great project! Finally the weird and wonderful Opalspecimens will be on public display! Yes We Can! $500.00
  • Barbara Gasch $500.00
  • Jenni Brammall Putting my money where my mouth is - the first of many donations to the wonderful Australian Opal Centre! $500.00
  • Douglas Kesteven best wishes to a project worth doing $344.50